How RecruitOnline & PinvoiceR can help with the JobKeeper Payment Process



(This information is for existing RecruitOnline & PinvoiceR customers)


Information on the JobKeeper Payment, eligibility and registration is on the ATO website but in summary the steps are;


The key dates to be aware of are;

  • From 20 April: enrol for JobKeeper payment.
  • By 30 April: enrol and pay your employees to claim JobKeeper payments for April.
  • 4 May onwards: identify your employees.
  • Each month: reconfirm eligibility.
  • If you need more time, you have until the end of May to enrol and identify your employees.

JobKeeper Employee Nomination Notice

If you decide to participate in the JobKeeper Payment scheme, you must nominate all your eligible employees. You cannot choose to nominate only some employees. However, individual eligible employees can choose not to participate.

Before you enrol to receive JobKeeper payments, you need to notify each eligible employee that you intend to nominate them as eligible employees under the JobKeeper Payment scheme

For each eligible employee that you wish to claim for, you will need to obtain a completed JobKeeper Employee Nomination Notice form. The nomination form does not need to be provided to the ATO, however employers are required to keep a copy of the completed form as part of their record keeping obligations under the law.

For RecruitOnline clients, we can add this form as a custom form (and online registration process) into your candidate portal. If you would prefer to manually send a pdf copy a link to the ATO form is here.

Identifying and maintain your eligible employees with the ATO

Once you have determined that your business qualifies and your eligible employees you will need to do the following with the ATO;

  • identify each eligible employee that you will claim the JobKeeper Payment for, and
  • maintain their details each month.

You only need to identify eligible employees once. However, you need to maintain the list monthly and advise of changes to your eligible employees.

How to identify your eligible employees directly to the ATO with PinvoiceR STP (Single Touch Payroll) - by 30th April 2020

By using STP in PinvoiceR, the ATO will be notified of each eligible employee that is being paid each fortnight and also of any top-up payments that you have made. To make things as easy as possible to complete your normal payroll and use PinvoiceR to identify eligible employees to the ATO we suggest the following process;

  1. You compile a list of eligible employees (we will provide you with a spreadsheet that has the columns needed) - we have added specific payroll reports in PinvoiceR to assist you to determine the employees you wish to claim for.
  2. We will create Global pay codes for all of the JobKeeper payment codes (ie JOBKEEPER-START-FNxx , JOBKEEPER-FINISH-FNxx & JOBKEEPER-TOPUP)
  3. For the employees you identified above, we will create new “orders” for each employee linking them to the JobKeeper global pay codes.
  4. We will create a csv import sheet that can be used each pay run to “pay” the JOBKEEPER-START & JOBKEEPER-FINISH allowances to.
  5. We will add in reporting functionality to show employees who are potentially due a JOBKEEPER-TOPUP payment so that you can pay this to them.

Each week, you will use your normal pay process combined with the csv to keep identifying the eligible employees to the ATO.

JobKeeper Start, Finish & Top Up codes

The ATO uses these codes in STP to track each fortnight (start and finish) and any top up payments made.

We will create these in your PinvoiceR system but the following are the codes and the fortnights that they correspond to;

Fortnight Start

FN Dates Allowance Description
01 30/03/2020-12/04/2020 JOBKEEPER-START-FN01
02 13/04/2020-26/04/2020 JOBKEEPER-START-FN02
03 27/04/2020-10/05/2020 JOBKEEPER-START-FN03
04 11/05/2020-24/05/2020 JOBKEEPER-START-FN04
05 25/05/2020-07/06/2020 JOBKEEPER-START-FN05
06 08/06/2020-21/06/2020 JOBKEEPER-START-FN06
07 22/06/2020-05/07/2020 JOBKEEPER-START-FN07
08 06/07/2020-19/07/2020 JOBKEEPER-START-FN08
09 20/07/2020-02/08/2020 JOBKEEPER-START-FN09
10 03/08/2020-16/08/2020 JOBKEEPER-START-FN10
11 17/08/2020-30/08/2020 JOBKEEPER-START-FN11
12 31/08/2020-13/09/2020 JOBKEEPER-START-FN12
13 14/09/2020-27/09/2020 JOBKEEPER-START-FN13

Fortnight End

FN Dates Allowance Description
01 30/03/2020-12/04/2020 JOBKEEPER-FINISH-FN01
02 13/04/2020-26/04/2020 JOBKEEPER-FINISH-FN02
03 27/04/2020-10/05/2020 JOBKEEPER-FINISH-FN03
04 11/05/2020-24/05/2020 JOBKEEPER-FINISH-FN04
05 25/05/2020-07/06/2020 JOBKEEPER-FINISH-FN05
06 08/06/2020-21/06/2020 JOBKEEPER-FINISH-FN06
07 22/06/2020-05/07/2020 JOBKEEPER-FINISH-FN07
08 06/07/2020-19/07/2020 JOBKEEPER-FINISH-FN08
09 20/07/2020-02/08/2020 JOBKEEPER-FINISH-FN09
10 03/08/2020-16/08/2020 JOBKEEPER-FINISH-FN10
11 17/08/2020-30/08/2020 JOBKEEPER-FINISH-FN11
12 31/08/2020-13/09/2020 JOBKEEPER-FINISH-FN12
13 14/09/2020-27/09/2020 JOBKEEPER-FINISH-FN13

JobKeeper Top up

The JobKeeper payment means that a minimum of $1500 (gross) a fortnight is required to be paid to each eligible employee. So, for some employees you may find that paying them for the work that they have done in the first and second fortnights would mean that they will earn less than the $1500 minimum.

In these cases, you are required to pay the difference between $1500 and the sum of the first and second fortnight gross earnings (at the same time you pay the second fortnight) as a Top Up payment. For example;

Fortnight 1 - Gross for employee is $900

Fortnight 2 - Gross for employee is $400

You use the JOBKEEPER-TOPUP pay code item to also pay the employee the additional $200 gross payment to meet the $1500 a fortnight minimum.

Assumptions for JobKeeper Paycode items

When we create the JobKeeper paycode items in PinvoiceR we will be doing the following;

  • The paycode items will be set to Allowances > Other as this is needed for STP
  • A pay rate of $0.01 will be set for each FN START & FINISH item as PinvoiceR needs to pay a value greater than $0.00
  • On both the START & FINISH and also the TOPUP items the paycode will be excluded from superannuation. If you wish to pay superannuation on these paycodes then you will need to edit them accordingly

Find Out More

Naturally, we anticipate that there will be many questions around the JobKeeper payment process and so please contact RecruitOnline Support if you require any further information.