KPIs & Reports

Having the ability to easily measure activity and results is very important in any business, but particularly in the Recruitment & Staffing Industry. Though every recruitment sector is different, it is true across all that the amount of activity undertaken (such as sales calls, client visits, interviews, quotes, reference checks, etc) generally has a direct correlation on the bottom line. It is also true that different types of activities have different potential benefits. 

For example, if a recruiter was to call a prospective client and ask if they can provide recruitment services to that client – it will potentially have some benefit. But probably not as much benefit as the recruiter who calls the same client to say that they are calling to discuss a candidate that they think the client could be interested in – ie reverse marketing a candidate to a client. It is likely that the second activity will more than likely turn out to be more beneficial than the first.

With RecruitOnline you have complete control over what activities you want to track and, importantly, what value you put on them. You do this by setting a KPI points value for every activity (ie you would give a higher points value to activities that you want people to do more of). Then you decide which people you want to have KPI targets for and what their individual targets are.

For clients using PinvoiceR, it is also possible to provide access to RecruitOnline users so that they can see their weekly Sales Reports.

Throughout the RecruitOnline system there are a wide range of in-built reporting functions that cover all typical reporting needs that a Recruitment & Staffing business might have. In addition to this, there is a Report Builder function that gives clients the ability to build and run their own reports.