March 2020 Update

Custom Forms – New Fields & Functionality

We have extended some of the custom form functions to now include options such as;

  • Fields for ROL users – that allow for a form to be emailed to a selected user
  • Added access to more database fields for both data capture and use of field information on forms

Booking Activity Report & Activity Sets

The Booking Activity Report is used to track and undertake defined activities that stem from the placement of a person into a booking. These defined activities are determined by each agency – for example, your Agency may wish to have a process that is undertaken for each booking made – eg when a person is placed into a role a process may be;

  • A confirmation of Site Induction is completed within 2 days of the start date
  • A weekly check in call occurs
  • A monthly OH&S toolbox meeting occurs
  • A quarterly performance assessment

Reports & Advanced Links

We have updated the look of both the Reports & the Advanced pages to make it easier to find both reports and system admin settings. In doing this we have added sub sections to quickly navigate to the areas of interest – some of the new reports include;

  • Candidate Applications & Registration by Division
  • Candidates in Bookings with Expired Compliances
  • Conversion Rate Report
  • Organisation Chart for your business
  • User Activity Stats

Multiple payroll IDs for Same Candidate

In some instances a RecruitOnline client will have a number of companies/entities that are used in the operation of their business and from time to time an individual employee (candidate) will work for multiple entities

The issue that arises is that in RecruitOnline you only want to have one record for the candidate/employee but in PinvoiceR you will need multiple. You can achieve this “one to many relationship” With the Multiple Payroll Ids feature in ROL.

Documents & Documents in Notes

We have added in the ability to bulk upload documents for both clients, candidates & jobs rather than just one at a time.

We have also added in the feature of uploading documents into a note – they are still attached to the documents tab but also viewable in the note (as a link) as well.

Following a suggestion from a couple of clients we have also added in the ability to set a candidate’s next available date as the note is added.

Compliances & Other ORT Pages

We have updated the standard Candidate Compliance page in Online Registration (Onboarding) so that it automatically creates an expirable compliance (with attached document) against a candidate’s record.

This then sets the status of the compliance to Pending and the recruiter then needs to verify that the compliance is correct and sets it to current. A log of the changes records who has added what information.

Reference Checks Online

With Custom Forms in ROL it is possible to create both a referee details form (i.e. a form that is used to capture the referee contact details from the candidate when they are registering) and then use the contact details and send them an email to complete a reference check.

Once the referee details form has been completed it is simply a matter of clicking the Email Referee button and it will send a link to the referee to complete a Reference Check online.

Being a custom form, the reference check can be set up to suit your business and also include electronic signatures (ie to get the signature of the referee on the form).

The ip address of the person completing the reference check is captured and stored in the database.

Email Log & MailGun Integration

We have started on some changes to emails sent from ROL and as part of that is an integration with MailGun. This integration provides for both better deliverability and the ability to track emails sent from ROL.

For clients wishing to use this email tracking in their ROL system we will need to set up MailGun and clients will need to add DNS records as part of the setup. There is no additional cost for the setup or ongoing use so if it is something that you would like then please contact the support team.

To see the email log for a candidate, click on Notes > Email Log.

Create a Rate Schedule when adding a Booking

In most instances, using an existing Rate Schedule for a new booking is the best way to manage and control pay & charge rates in your business.

In some instances (eg where the rates are very much on a case by case basis rather than pre quoted) then creating the Rate Schedule as you create the booking may be a better workflow. Examples of this are in NZ and sometimes in AU, where the rate is usually determined by the person doing the job rather than the job.