November 2019 Update

New Bookings System

We have made some significant changes to the way that bookings work in RecruitOnline and in doing this have combined both ‘daily’ and ‘normal’ bookings into one area. There is a fair bit to understand with the new bookings system and the following videos will help.

Some of the additional features include;

  • New fill booking modal that lets you use a variety of ways to find people to fill a booking
  • Ability to choose from many different columns for your report – eg ability to put a confirmation process in for allocations of shifts, see whether sms messages have been sent for bookings, send bulk messages from the bookings modal and much more
  • An easy way to replicate daily bookings – eg booking a temp into a forward calendar of daily bookings
  • Ability to quickly change bookings – eg swap over people in bookings, amend, cancel etc
  • Logging of changes to the bookings – eg where you have made a change of temp etc
  • Ability to flag a booking on the bookings screen

Note: For all clients, we will be leaving the existing normal and daily booking processes in the system for now – so there is not a pressure to move to the new bookings system until you are comfortable with how it all works.

Accept Bookings Online

Another new feature is for your candidates to be able to get an email or sms message and be able to see the details of a booking and either accept or reject the booking. This message will open up the details of the shift/booking from a link without the candidate needing to logon.

RecruitOnline - Accept Bookings - Shifts Online

Candidate Availability & Shift Availability Report

We have also changed the way that availability works and can be used to auto match “available” people to shifts.

Against each Candidate you can now set their permanent shift availability – eg a person is available Mon to Thu on Day and Afternoon but is only available on Friday’s for Night shift.

RecruitOnline - Set Candidate Shift Availability

This candidate permanent shift availability is then used to automatically generate a forward calendar for their shift availability. This calendar also shows any future bookings that they are booked in for, plus the ability to see any daily availability notes they have made or have been made internally.