Online Timesheets

Having a completely integrated end to end system is essential and the combination of RecruitOnline and PinvoiceR delivers the best end to end recruitment software solution. 

While they are separate systems, PinvoiceR is developed and supported by RecruitOnline and is purpose built to provide the Payroll, Invoicing and Reporting needs that just about any Recruitment and Staffing business could need.

Building on our direct experience in previously running our own recruitment businesses, we know how information needs to seamlessly flow from the operations area through to payroll and accounts so that there are no bottlenecks when it comes to processing pays and issuing invoices. In RecruitOnline, it is easy to set up a booking/order/placement and have all the pay and charge, pay rule interpretation and timesheet approvers linked to it. 

Then it is simple for your employees/temps/contractors to simply log into their portal to submit their electronic timesheets.

Once a timesheet is submitted, the client is notified and they can then either click in the email message to approve or log into their client portal to review the timesheet. Clients can request that the employee makes changes to their timesheet (eg incorrect hours entered) and also have the ability to bulk approve a group of timesheets.

All the while, in RecruitOnline your consultants can easily see what timesheets (electronic or manual) have been received/approved and which ones have not. From RecruitOnline it is then easy for them to message those people yet to submit their timesheet.