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Innovative web based payroll & invoicing solutions for the
recruitment industry in Australia & New Zealand

About Online Payroll

Web based flexibility

PinvoiceR is our web based and hosted payroll and invoicing application. It's advantage is that you and your employees can participate in payroll activities and access customer data regardless of location. An added benefit includes not having to install and maintain payroll applications on your user's machines.

Recruitment Industry focused

PinvoiceR is primarily focused on the needs of the payroll and invoicing requirements of recruitment companies. PinvoiceR has a central register of employee pay rates and their respective charges. This gives central oversight and control over the most important element of a temporary business - cash flow.

Your client is our client

We understand that many clients have strict reporting and invoicing requirements so we have built in a number of innovations to be able to present invoices and reports that suit individual clients or departments whilst retaining the aggregate reporting functionality that you require.

We understand volume temporary staffing and will work with you to address your administrative objectives.

Give your customers an online portal

As part of our complete suite we provide client and candidate web portals. These are used to facilitate exchanges such as online invoice reporting & querying for your clients and payslip downloads & timesheeting for your casual team members.


Whilst you may share many elements with most agencies there are going to undoubtedly be nuances to your operations that will require changes and integration with our base platform. We acknowledge this fact and are committed to working with all of our customers to ensure that their needs can be accommodated by our online systems.

Usability & Speed

There are many reasons why you should consider speed when looking at payroll software. In some businesses there are crucial payroll deadlines to be met so that timely invoice functions ( eg. debtor financing) can be undertaken. PinvoiceR has proven to keep up to pace using a light weight user interface, enterprise grade networks and intuitive design to meet this challenge.

If you are worried that web based solutions cannot keep up then don't be. A room full of payroll staff hanging off a single ADSL box will happily process 1'000's of transactions each week.

Introducing PinvoiceR


PinvoiceR integrates with a number of accounting systems including Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, TechOne, Navision & AccPac as well as providing specific customer exporting requirements.

We are experienced in working with numerous importing & exporting technologies & specifications.


Our customer base varies from SME's to large national firms. In each case we identify the levels of support required and tailor pricing to meet our operational costs and the requirements of the customer. We invite you to make contact so that we can learn more about your business and how we can help.

Where to from here?

If you want to know more about the benefits of online payroll & invoicing software then please make contact with us.

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