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The Recruitment & Staffing Industry is constantly evolving and the team at RecruitOnline love responding to the challenge to not only keep Clients up to date but ahead of their competitors.

Check out some of our latest updates below...


June, 2020

RecruitOnline UI update

In this update we have taken the opportunity to refresh the UI in RecruitOnline and to also add in a wide range of Dashboard reports on the Home screen.

All of the Dashboard options provide 'real time' reports and each user can personalise their RecruitOnline Dashboard to suit their role and the type of analytics that they want to track. There are reports for just about all parts of RecruitOnline and they include;

  • KPI Activity
  • Activity Tracker
  • Sales Funnel
  • Leads & Opportunities
  • Applications by Source
ROL Booking Activity Report

June, 2020

FlareHR Benefits Integration

We have recently completed an integration with FlareHR's Benefits system and now RecruitOnline clients can offer their internal and on-hired temp/casual employees access to discounts and perks on all sorts of things such as phone plans, healthcare & retail.

It is a great way to build relationships with your employees and connect them to discounts from hundreds of retailers such as;

  • Woolworths
  • Myer
  • Harvey Norman
  • Caltex
  • BWS
  • Amazon
  • JB Hi-Fi
  • Big W
  • David Jones
  • Footlocker

There is no cost to set up (nor cost for its use - though terms and conditions of use apply) and the benefits and perks offered to employees can be customised to suit. Where clients choose to use the FlareHR Benefits system, it is then included as a page in the candidate/employee portal.

ROL Booking Activity Report

Speak to your RecruitOnline Sales Contact to find out more about having the FlareHR benefits system set up in your candidate/employee portal.

June, 2020

Commission Triggers - Update

We have had "Commission Tracking" in RecruitOnline for sometime but have added some more core activity triggers and also the ability for clients to allocate their own.

The concept of Commission Tracking is a great way for Clients to look at a variety of activities in their business and then track who has undertaken which ones and how they have contributed to a particular outcome (eg a placement or booking etc). This data can be used in RecruitOnline and also flow into PinvoiceR to be applied to financial reports such as sales or gross margin - and ultimately the calculation of commissions for staff.

The additional Activity Triggers include;

  • Booking Claimed By
  • Candidate Tracking (1-5) - that are custom to each Client
  • Client Tracking (1-5) - that are custom to each Client
June, 2020

Custom Ticket System in ROL

The Custom Ticket System allows clients to create their own internal "ticketing system" in RecruitOnline as a way to handle business processes between internal departments in their company. The Custom Ticket System leverages off the existing custom forms structure in ROL and can be used for both Client & Candidate functions.

For example, imagine you have a process in your business where a candidate will need to be provided with PPE and this happens when a Consultant requests the PPE to be organised by a colleague in Admin. The starting point would be to create a Candidate Custom Form with all of the information needed.

This example process can be captured in the Custom Ticket System as a way for both the requests to be entered, an internal person to be notified of the request and a history of requests and fulfillment to be tracked.

ROL Booking Activity Report

June, 2020

Email Templates - Private & Include Documents

The candidate and contact email templates have been updated with the following changes;

  • New Email composer to simplify the creation of email templates
  • Ability to now have private email templates for a specific RecruitOnline user
  • Now can link documents to email templates - that are automatically sent when using a template message
June, 2020

Custom Forms - New Fields & Functionality

We have extended some of the custom form functions to now include options such as;

  • Fields for ROL users - that allow for a form to be emailed to a selected user
  • Added access to more database fields for both data capture and use of field information on forms
March, 2020

Booking Activity Report & Activity Sets

The Booking Activity Report is used to track and undertake defined activities that stem from the placement of a person into a booking. These defined activities are determined by each agency - for example, your Agency may wish to have a process that is undertaken for each booking made - eg when a person is placed into a role a process may be;

  • A confirmation of Site Induction is completed within 2 days of the start date
  • A weekly check in call occurs
  • A monthly OH&S toolbox meeting occurs
  • A quarterly performance assessment
ROL Booking Activity Report

The setup requires an understanding of both Activity Sets and Custom Forms and to see more about it please have a look at the help text.

March, 2020

Report Builder (beta)

Over time, many clients have approached us to build custom reports for them and while each is a little different there are many similarities between the types of requests we receive. In this release we have added the Report Builder function to allow clients to rapidly build their own reports for use in their systems. While available now, it is in beta release and we plan to add in more features overtime.

March, 2020

Reports & Advanced Links

We have updated the look of both the Reports & the Advanced pages to make it easier to find both reports and system admin settings. In doing this we have added sub sections to quickly navigate to the areas of interest - some of the new reports include;

  • Candidate Applications & Registration by Division
  • Candidates in Bookings with Expired Compliances
  • Conversion Rate Report
  • Organisation Chart for your business
  • User Activity Stats
Reports in RecruitOnline
March, 2020

Multiple payroll IDs for Same Candidate

In some instances a RecruitOnline client will have a number of companies/entities that are used in the operation of their business and from time to time an individual employee (candidate) will work for multiple entities

The issue that arises is that in RecruitOnline you only want to have one record for the candidate/employee but in PinvoiceR you will need multiple. You can achieve this "one to many relationship" With the Multiple Payroll Ids feature in ROL.

Candidates/Employees with multiple payroll ids in RecruitOnline
March, 2020

Documents & Documents in Notes

We have added in the ability to bulk upload documents for both clients, candidates & jobs rather than just one at a time.

We have also added in the feature of uploading documents into a note - they are still attached to the documents tab but also viewable in the note (as a link) as well.

Following a suggestion from a couple of clients we have also added in the ability to set a candidate's next available date as the note is added.

Set Candidate Availability while making a note in RecruitOnline
March, 2020

Compliances & Other ORT Pages

We have updated the standard Candidate Compliance page in Online Registration (Onboarding) so that it automatically creates an expirable compliance (with attached document) against a candidate's record.

This then sets the status of the compliance to Pending and the recruiter then needs to verify that the compliance is correct and sets it to current. A log of the changes records who has added what information.

Capture Licences & Certificates electronically when using RecriutOnline Online Onboarding
March, 2020

Reference Checks Online

With Custom Forms in ROL it is possible to create both a referee details form (i.e. a form that is used to capture the referee contact details from the candidate when they are registering) and then use the contact details and send them an email to complete a reference check.

Once the referee details form has been completed it is simply a matter of clicking the Email Referee button and it will send a link to the referee to complete a Reference Check online.

Being a custom form, the reference check can be set up to suit your business and also include electronic signatures (ie to get the signature of the referee on the form).

The ip address of the person completing the reference check is captured and stored in the database.

Reference Checks online with RecruitOnline
March, 2020

Email Log & MailGun Integration

We have started on some changes to emails sent from ROL and as part of that is an integration with MailGun. This integration provides for both better deliverability and the ability to track emails sent from ROL.

For clients wishing to use this email tracking in their ROL system we will need to set up MailGun and clients will need to add DNS records as part of the setup. There is no additional cost for the setup or ongoing use so if it is something that you would like then please contact the support team.

To see the email log for a candidate, click on Notes > Email Log.

Email Log in RecruitOnline
March, 2020

Create a Rate Schedule when adding a Booking

In most instances, using an existing Rate Schedule for a new booking is the best way to manage and control pay & charge rates in your business.

In some instances (eg where the rates are very much on a case by case basis rather than pre quoted) then creating the Rate Schedule as you create the booking may be a better workflow. Examples of this are in NZ and sometimes in AU, where the rate is usually determined by the person doing the job rather than the job.

Create a Rate Schedule when adding a Booking in RecruitOnline


April, 2019

New Bookings System

We have made some significant changes to the way that bookings work in RecruitOnline and in doing this have combined both 'daily' and 'normal' bookings into one area. There is a fair bit to understand with the new bookings system and the following videos will help.

Some of the additional features include;

  • New fill booking modal that lets you use a variety of ways to find people to fill a booking
  • Ability to choose from many different columns for your report - eg ability to put a confirmation process in for allocations of shifts, see whether sms messages have been sent for bookings, send bulk messages from the bookings modal and much more
  • An easy way to replicate daily bookings - eg booking a temp into a forward calendar of daily bookings
  • Ability to quickly change bookings - eg swap over people in bookings, amend, cancel etc
  • Logging of changes to the bookings - eg where you have made a change of temp etc
  • Ability to flag a booking on the bookings screen

Note: For all clients, we will be leaving the existing normal and daily booking processes in the system for now - so there is not a pressure to move to the new bookings system until you are comfortable with how it all works.

April, 2019

Accept Bookings Online

Another new feature is for your candidates to be able to get an email or sms message and be able to see the details of a booking and either accept or reject the booking. This message will open up the details of the shift/booking from a link without the candidate needing to logon.

Have candidates accept bookings online with RecruitOnline

For example, if you did a search in the new bookings system to fill a booking and found 10 potential temps - it is simple to send all 10 the details of the booking and when one of them has accepted the booking, it will show that it is no longer available to the other 9 temps.

April, 2019

Candidate Availability & Shift Availability Report

We have also changed the way that availability works and can be used to auto match "available" people to shifts.

Against each Candidate you can now set their permanent shift availability - eg a person is available Mon to Thu on Day and Afternoon but is only available on Friday's for Night shift.

Set a candidate's permanent shift availability in RecruitOnline

This candidate permanent shift availability is then used to automatically generate a forward calendar for their shift availability. This calendar also shows any future bookings that they are booked in for, plus the ability to see any daily availability notes they have made or have been made internally.

A candidate's shift availability in RecruitOnline
April, 2019

New Custom Forms builder - with Electronic Signatures

We have always had Custom Forms in RecruitOnline but historically, we have produced them on behalf of clients rather than give clients access to easily build them themselves. While we still will build them for clients, they are now much more straightforward to create and can be used in just about anyway you would wish - for example you could create;

  • Client prospecting form to use in ROL
  • OH&S Incident Report form to use on the Client Portal
  • An onboarding process for registering a candidate

In addition to making the form much easier to create we have also added in the ability to put signatures into a form. This then can be used in signing a form that is then saved as a PDF - all from your RecruitOnline System and avoiding the need (and the significant cost) to use a third party signing service.

Online Registration & Onboarding on Desktop & Mobile with RecruitOnline

If you would like to see a video of an example custom form in action on a mobile device (eg an OH&S incident report) - click here.

April, 2019

Recruiter Updated

With ongoing development to add in additional reporting options for the Recruiter function in ROL we have made some changes to the way that Workflows are used and reported on in the system. Along with that we have updated some of the forms (Job Advert & Job Brief) as part of a larger project we are working on.

Recruiter screen in RecruitOnline
April, 2019

Client Codes on Sites

Client sites have existed for some time now and are a great way to keep temporary type sites (ie ones that would not need a distinct company record) against a company record. Use cases have traditionally been a construction company having project sites or a healthcare facility that has a number of wards etc.

We have added in the ability to set a client code (PinvoiceR billing location) against a client site - this way when a site is used in a booking the client code used will be sourced from that site (if set).

April, 2019

Training Register

To assist in delivering both RecruitOnline & PinvoiceR training delivery we have created the Training Register in RecruitOnline. This system is also built so that you can use it to add in your very own training modules (eg Policies/Procedures) and have a way of applying them to your staff members.

When you have applied one or more training modules to a ROL user, then when they logon they are notified in ROL that they have training to complete. You can also report on what training has been done (or not) and the outcomes of that training.

Manage staff training with RecruitOnline

While we have added a whole range of ROL Training modules in each system, we will leave it to clients specifically assign them to staff members.