Recruit & Onboard

A key part of recruiting is the registration of candidates and having the ability to capture all the relevant information needed in order to assess a candidate’s suitability for roles. In times gone by this would have generally been done by issuing paper application and registration forms – taking up a lot of time for recruitment and admin staff, not to mention the candidate’s.

Within RecruitOnline you are able to create your own online registration process that is specific to your business. For example, you might have differing registration and on-boarding needs for white collar candidates versus healthcare candidates and so you can easily design a registration and on-boarding process to suit.

It is simple to include videos and create questionnaires in your onboarding process, all the while the information is being saved to the candidate’s record.

In your registration and onboarding, ask candidates to upload copies of their licences and certificates – these are saved as “pending” against their record in RecruitOnline so that they can be verified by your staff.

Add in employment agreements so that they can be reviewed and signed in your registration and onboarding process.

Electronic signatures are stored in the document, along with the time and date the signature was made and the IP address of the device that the candidate used.