June 2020 Update

RecruitOnline UI update

In this update we have taken the opportunity to refresh the UI in RecruitOnline and to also add in a wide range of Dashboard reports on the Home screen.

All of the Dashboard options provide ‘real time’ reports and each user can personalise their RecruitOnline Dashboard to suit their role and the type of analytics that they want to track. There are reports for just about all parts of RecruitOnline and they include;

  • KPI Activity
  • Activity Tracker
  • Sales Funnel
  • Leads & Opportunities
  • Applications by Source

FlareHR Benefits Integration

FlareHR Benefits Integration

We have recently completed an integration with FlareHR‘s Benefits system and now RecruitOnline clients can offer their internal and on-hired temp/casual employees access to discounts and perks on all sorts of things such as phone plans, healthcare & retail.

It is a great way to build relationships with your employees and connect them to discounts from hundreds of retailers such as;

  • Woolworths
  • Myer
  • Harvey Norman
  • Caltex
  • BWS
  • Amazon
  • JB Hi-Fi
  • Big W
  • David Jones
  • Footlocker

There is no cost to set up (nor cost for its use – though terms and conditions of use apply) and the benefits and perks offered to employees can be customised to suit. Where clients choose to use the FlareHR Benefits system, it is then included as a page in the candidate/employee portal.

Commission Triggers – Update

The concept of Commission Tracking is a great way for Clients to look at a variety of activities in their business and then track who has undertaken which ones and how they have contributed to a particular outcome (eg a placement or booking etc). This data can be used in RecruitOnline and also flow into PinvoiceR to be applied to financial reports such as sales or gross margin – and ultimately the calculation of commissions for staff.

The additional Activity Triggers include;

  • Booking Claimed By
  • Candidate Tracking (1-5) – that are custom to each Client
  • Client Tracking (1-5) – that are custom to each Client

Custom Ticket System in ROL

The Custom Ticket System allows clients to create their own internal “ticketing system” in RecruitOnline as a way to handle business processes between internal departments in their company. The Custom Ticket System leverages off the existing custom forms structure in ROL and can be used for both Client & Candidate functions.

For example, imagine you have a process in your business where a candidate will need to be provided with PPE and this happens when a Consultant requests the PPE to be organised by a colleague in Admin. The starting point would be to create a Candidate Custom Form with all of the information needed.

This example process can be captured in the Custom Ticket System as a way for both the requests to be entered, an internal person to be notified of the request and a history of requests and fulfilment to be tracked.

Email Templates – Private & Include Documents

The candidate and contact email templates have been updated with the following changes;

  • New Email composer to simplify the creation of email templates
  • Ability to now have private email templates for a specific RecruitOnline user
  • Now can link documents to email templates – that are automatically sent when using a template message

Custom Forms – New Fields & Functionality

We have extended some of the custom form functions to now include options such as;

  • Fields for ROL users – that allow for a form to be emailed to a selected user
  • Added access to more database fields for both data capture and use of field information on forms