SMS & Email

Communicating quickly and effectively, all the while ensuring that records of conversations are maintained is essential. With RecruitOnline this is all done seamlessly whether you are sending messages from the system or from outside (such as through outlook, your phone etc).

Email in RecruitOnline is handled in two ways, one being that you are able to email directly from the system to clients and candidates. Messages are recorded in RecruitOnline and our integration with MailGun not only improves deliverability but also shows a log against each email sent.

The other way that Email is handled in RecruitOnline is via Imap Email Import (ie for both Office 365 and Gmail). 

For most users (ourselves included) email is sent from a number of devices – sometimes from outlook, sometimes from our phone, sometimes from our computer at home. With our Imap Email Import enabled for a RecruitOnline User, then irrespective of where the email is sent (or received) to/from that message (and any attachments) is automatically imported and stored against the client or candidate record in RecruitOnline.

With RecruitOnline you can both send and receive SMS/TXT messages. SMS/TXT replies are automatically received by the system (with the reply stored against the client/candidate record) and the User who sent the initial SMS/TXT is also emailed the reply message.

Sending messages in Bulk – to candidates and clients – is easy to do with RecruitOnline. From any search list (or other contact/candidate report) it is as simple as selecting the people and clicking the send message button. From here you can easily send email or SMS/Text messages.