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In any organisation, deciding on the systems and technology to be used is a complex and important task. It is a process that generally needs to consider the views and needs of a variety of stakeholders ranging from senior management through to sales/marketing through to fulfillment through to back office administration. 

Even when all of these (often competing) views and needs are evaluated and a decision is made then the true success of a selected solution is determined by the ease of transition and onboarding to the new system. 

RecruitOnline is experienced in successfully onboarding new customers and then implementing a management process that actively seeks to maximise the benefit each customer receives from their system.

Bearing in mind that no two customers are the same the RecruitOnline Onboarding process covers the following;

  • Initial customer engagement & Quote
  • Contract Signing
  • Project Scoping & Implementation analysis
  • Production of a Solution Specification and Implementation Plan for sign off
  • Customer sign off
  • Project Commencement
  • User Acceptance and Testing  (UAT)
  • Final sign off
  • Data Migration
  • Production Implementation and User Training
  • Go Live and post Go Live review

In our experience the following factors have the most influence on the the success of changing systems;

  • Your team’s alignment on the choice of new system
  • Clear project responsibility assigned to specific members of your team
  • Data migration undertaken by the providers of your new system (and not outsourced) as they will be best placed to advise on what is possible
  • Making training the most important objective of the project and appointing individual team members to become the recognised ‘experts’ on the new systems

Data Migration

Outside of training, the data migration of your existing data is the most important aspect of the project. 

With RecruitOnline, we do not outsource this step as we feel that understanding both the source information and our own systems is critical to the success of the project. We will spend time with you to analyse the legacy systems you are using and work with you and your legacy suppliers to obtain a data extract.

From there, we will use the initial data extract to then transfer your data into a UAT version of your RecruitOnline system and work with you to analyse it to ensure that the information matches the source record. From this analysis we will create import scripts so that when you are at the point of Go Live we can quickly take the latest extract from your legacy system and migrate it to RecruitOnline.

We are used to migrating data from a wide range of systems such as JobAdder, Fasttrack, Bullhorn, Bond, CHIP and many more – even older windows based client/server systems.

Training & Support

Training is going to be the determining factor in the success of your new system and in our experience the best implementations are underpinned by a commitment to training.

No matter what people might say, generally they do not like change and so training needs to be looked on as an opportunity to both inform and engage your staff about the new system. While a short amount of online training is included (45 minutes) in our typical implementation, we would recommend that you arrange to have specific onsite training as part of the implementation of RecruitOnline. 

We will discuss your training needs during the project scoping stage and work with you to develop a training plan that suits your business needs.

To assist with training we provide an online knowledge base and a wide range of “how to” videos.

Support is provided and, excluding the first month (unlimited), you have 3 hours support per month included in your licence fee – with any excess usage billed accordingly. Support requests are submitted through our ZenDesk ticket system and requests are prioritised based on their type.