WHS & Compliance

Managing risks and compliance is a major factor for success in the Recruitment & Staffing industry and processes to do this are built into the core of RecruitOnline.

Not only is it easy to capture information such as Compliances (eg required licences and certificates) but you can make these a mandatory requirement when placing people into jobs. In setting them up in your system, you can decide on what you need and if you (and your candidates) would like to be notified about compliances that are about to expire.

It is also simple to use Compliance Flags as “hard stops” on both candidate and client processes – so that from the moment they are set up in the system you can ensure that no further action can occur until these flags are set to compliant. Examples include;

  • Candidates can’t be placed unless a Vevo/Right to work check is undertaken
  • Clients can’t be supplied until a credit check is completed

Rest easy, knowing that with RecruitOnline you have put in place systems and processes that minimise your risk and log all compliance activity.

There are few industries that have the Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) challenges that the Recruitment & Staffing industry have. In addition to ensuring that your candidates/employees have the necessary skills and licences to do their jobs you need to be able to ensure that they are fully informed about the both the tasks they will need to do but the risks (and preventive measures) associated with them.

In RecruitOnline it is easy to capture all of the relevant information (e.g. tasks, PPE needed, hazards & risks, induction information) for each job. Then, as you place a candidate into a job it is simple to send them a summary of this information and log what (and when) it was sent against their candidate record.